TS Tumblr

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For those who aren’t aware, but may have come across the term on Tumblr before; TS stands for Tumblr Savior. (TS) Tumblr Savior is a free browser extension/application available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera. Essentially, the browser extension/application blocks certain words, topics & phrases that you choose on Tumblr. So if someone posts something on Tumblr with a phrase from your blacklist, you will still see that a post was made, but the content will be hidden unless you decided to click on it and reveal it.

TS Tumblr is an awesome extension because it can be used to block out a lot of adult content you wouldn’t want appearing on your feed. Or maybe you just really hate Justin Bieber and don’t want to see anything about him. Also, say you’ve missed the latest episode of your favorite TV series; Tumbler Savior makes for a handy spoiler alert tool. There are plenty of other good reasons to download and the TS Tumblr tool but ultimately how you decide to use it is up to you!


[text_output]You can download the TS tool for your computer or laptop from the following locations:

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