The Best Truth or Dare Apps for Adults (Dirty) & Kids

If you’re looking to spice up your love life, entertain at a party or just have fun with some friends then we know just what you’re after… A truth or dare app!

Truth or Dare

We all know how fun the truth or dare game is, but sometimes it can be hard to think of good questions. Now of course you can always use Google and find some, but this take ages and involves a lot of work. That’s why we suggest that you instead download a truth or dare app to your phone or tablet. Then you’ll always have it ready to go. Truth or dare apps are also great at creating a fun environment, for both parties and for your own private naughty truth or dare game.o, here they are:

This is why we’ve decided to bring you a review of the best truth or dare apps. As you may have gathered this list includes both truth or dare apps for kids/teens and also truth or dare dirty apps for adults. So we’ve separated them into two separated sections, and provided links to each apps locations in the iOS App Store and/or Andriod Google Play Store. So without further ado, here they are:

The Best Truth or Dare Dirty Apps

Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare (Sex Edition)

This is currently our number 1 dirty app of truth or dare, and it’s head and shoulders above the rest! With good reason to, it has over 5,000 reviews in the app store with 4 star rating. It has probably the biggest and best collection of naughty truths or dares. This app is also for free. But if you’re serious about playing a really sexy adult game, then we suggest you pay a couple of bucks and unlock all of the categories. It’s definitely worth it! Compared to some of the others apps in this list, the price is very affordable and it’s pretty good value for money! Unfortunately this app is not in the Google Play Store and is only available on iOS.

Dirty Truth or Dare App

Truth or Dare (Dirty)

This truth or dare dirty app comes in at number 2 on our list. While it’s the most expensive app on the list, it definitely the most looked after application. This naughty truth or dare game is always getting regular updates and improvements. If just looking for one app that you can keep on your device forever. Then this is the app for you. Some of it’s features includes double dares, triple dares, hot fantasy dares and if you’re lucky you might even get a jail get out of free card to save you from doing something you’re not interested in. Only available on iOS

Truth or Dare – 18+

Here is another paid adult truth or dare game which costs only a couple of bucks. The interesting thing about this game of truth or dare for adults is that you have to shake your device every time you want turn. It’s pretty cool at the start but can get a little annoying after a while. The app may not have been updated for a long time, but it still has a good collection of dirty truth or dares ideas. It’s also fairly popular with over 500 reviews. Again, it is unfortunately only available on iPhone or iPad.

Truth or Dare – Hot Party Game with Spin the Bottle

This truth or dare app is our final 21+ truth or dare dirty recommendation. You won’t be disappointing with this free app. It has hundreds of questions. You’re also able to choose between clean and dirty versions of the game. You can add your own funny truth or dares. It available on iOS and is also extremely popular on Android. It also include spin the bottom which can make this a little more interesting. Overall a great naughty app that is regularly updated.

The Best Truth or Dare Apps for Kids & Teens


This free truth or dares app is only available on iOS. Which is a shame considering how popular it is with nearly 10,000 reviews. Unfortunately it has not been updated in quite a while. It’s another app that you have to shake to play. It does allow quite a few players though, which is good for larger groups. It’s also more suited towards teens as it does have some slightly naughty truths and dares

Truth or Dare

This truth or dare app is another one for kids and teens. It’s great because it’s free and available in both the iOS and Google Play Stores. Although because it’s free it does have quite a lot of adds that get annoying after a while, but if you can afford it you can remove all of the adds for only a couple of dollars. It does have some funny questions and some good dares. It has a section for adults as well.

Truth or Dare – The Party Game

Another free app available on both Andriod and iOS. Not suited kids but probably OK for older teens. Has over 300 hundred questions. Although it hasn’t been adapted in years. Its has an OK design but generally no where near as good as some of the other apps above. The spin the bottle style selection should be a hit with big groups and parties though.

Truth or Dare for Kids

This truth or dare app is only available on Android. It’s very popular though with over 56,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.2. Again it says it’s suitable for kids, but really we don’t think any of these apps are suitable for kids, probably alright for 15+ though. Good for multiple players and parties as it features a spin the bottle style selection.