With movie and TV show streaming becoming the enormous industry it is today, it is important to always be on the lookout for sites and apps that will meet all your streaming needs. When it comes to cartoons, ToonGet is one that ticks many boxes and should keep you going for a long time. Whether you are interested in Pokemon XY, Teenage Mutant Ninja Universe, Star Wars Rebels, or anything else, this website has everything you could possible want and need.

However, it isn’t just cartoons that make up the database on ToonGet as there are also a number of anime shows available. A number of genres, including romance, crime, comedy and adventure, are covered in the ‘Dubbed Anime’ section which brings together anime shows and films from all over the world that have English-speaking actors dubbed over the top.

The simple search tool will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for if you have something in mind but if you don’t, you could always check out what is on offer in the different genres. Furthermore, you can search through the list of popular series’ as well as the ‘Daily Episodes’ which shows exactly what gets added on a daily basis. Whether you are into cartoon or anime, this site is perfect for you and well worth a look.

Toon Get

What’s more, there is even a ToonGet app available for Android meaning that you can watch your favourite shows at any time you see fit. You are never going to be left disappointed with the amount of shows that get added on a daily basis and you will be sure to find something for you on ToonGet!