SWALife Mobile App

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[text_output]With the rapid increase in popularity of applications for mobile devices, many companies are now spotting opportunities to make money by appealing to different people’s sense of fun or intrigue. However, it isn’t just companies producing apps for customers in the market as many are also making apps for their employees. The latest example of this can be seen with Southwest Airlines (SWA) as they have recently launched an app that allows South West Airlines employees to login and complete a number of tasks.[/text_output]
[text_output]SWALife Mobile, developed by Southwest Airlines Co. of SWAlife.com has a main priority and that is to allow employees to create non-revenue listings for flights (both domestic and international) whilst ‘on-the-go’. It’s aim it to replicate the SWALife login page and website at www.SWALife.com and make it easy to access, in the form of an app. In addition to adding them, they can also be retrieved and cancelled on this app which makes it easier for all employees to manage different flights. As long as they have a mobile device that allows the app or even a tablet or iPod touch, employees can make these changes whilst being protected by an ‘SWA ID’ and a password.[/text_output]
[text_output]The SWALife app is currently only available in English and has built up a fairly solid average rating of nearly four stars on the App Store. After last being updated back in March, the current version of the app sits at 3.2.0 and with a file size of just over 16 MB, it will not take up too much space no matter what device is being used. In terms of compatibility, the app runs with all devices that have been updated to 6.0.0 or later and as mentioned previously, it will run on iPhone, iPad, or even iPod touch.[/text_output]
[text_output]Southwest Airlines have joined the growing market that is ‘apps for employees’ and have provided an easy-to-use application that is bound to help their workers. What’s more, the SWALife app is completely free and safe thanks to password protection and completely free! You can download the SWALife App from the Apple iOS Store here.[/text_output]