Snapseed – Photo Editor App Review

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[text_output]With the rise of Instagram, the camera has become an integral part of any smartphone. However, in recent years the camera isn’t doing most of the work in the pictures we see online, it is the editing apps. There are many editing apps that can be found in the respective stores but one of the newest options is made by Google; Snapseed. Before, powerful editing could only be achieved on a computer/laptop but Google seems to be changing the way in which we edit photos.[/text_output]
[text_output]Firstly, there are a number of tools available that help to change the premise of the whole picture. For example, cropping will allow the user to ‘free crop’ or choose a certain aspect ratio, rotate will allow easy rotation if the picture is taken the wrong way round, and the brush tool will apply simple effects to certain areas of the image. Furthermore, instant fixes can be completed with the auto-adjust tune image tool where contrast, saturation, and brightness can all be tinkered with. Also making up the tools section is vignette, healing, transform, and details.[/text_output]
[text_output]Secondly, the app also boasts a number of filters which have become huge today especially on Instagram. The lens blur feature will allow you to blur any section meaning that the focal point of the picture can be the object, glamour glow adds a nice glow which can be extremely useful for photography or a fashion picture, and HDR-scape can be used to make use of many exposures. After playing around with the filters, any photo can be completely transformed and made ready whether it is for a social networking site, for personal use, or even for professional work. As mentioned Google seems to be attempting to break down the barriers between smartphone and computers and as a result, have produced an app that does much of the same things as a computer program.

Finally, Snapseed also offers stacking facilities which means that photos can be edited fully with no restraint. In its first month in the App Store (as an updated version), Snapseed has gone under the radar a little but there is no doubting that this has the potential to become the go-to picture and video editor in the future. The app is currently free and has been made available in a number of different languages including English, Chinese (Traditional and Hong Kong), Catalan, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Polish. Currently, it is only available on iOS 8.0 or higher and it has been made with all platforms in mind meaning that it works just as well on a tablet as it does on a smartphone.


[text_output]Ultimately, Snapseed is a great app for photo editing (especially for those Instagram photos) and although it may take some time to get used to it will be worth it in the end. Google continues to work hard on making the app easier-to-use and keeps adding more features with every update. If you need a good, reliable photo editing tool, Snapseed is definitely worth your time.

You can get the app on your iPhone or iPad by downloading Snapseed for iOS on the Apple App Store here.