Secret Garden Coloring Book

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[text_output]For many years, trends with book genres have changed very quickly and authors gain attention almost within days. For example, the Harry Potter series snowballed into the worldwide phenomenon it is today and suddenly, everyone was interested in the fantasy genre. However, one genre that was never expected to rise to the top just a few short years ago was the adult colouring book. Some artists and authors had colouring book on the shelves for years and years without any success. In the last two or three years though, adult colouring books have become the newest trend and now sell millions of copies every single year.[/text_output]
[text_output]Johanna Basford is just one artist that has grown in popularity thanks to this recent trend and her colouring book, Secret Garden, is one of the most popular in the market. After selling over 2 million copies, Secret Garden is still going strong and now has nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon with the average coming out at around 4.5 stars.[/text_output]
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[text_output]Secret Garden has a number of beautiful black and white pictures that are just waiting for someone to colour; from amazing scenery to wildlife, this book has it all. In addition to the pictures, it also has a treasure hunt woven into the book as a little extra fun. Throughout the book, many different garden creatures, such as a spider and caterpillar, are hiding for the owner to find whilst colouring. Since March 2013 when it was first released, Secret Garden has gone on to appeal to many different ages and just as many adults on trains have been seen colouring as children in playgroups and schools. Ultimately, Secret Garden colouring book provides endless hours of fun and relaxation.[/text_output]
[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”” style=””]Popularity of Adult Colouring Books[/custom_headline][text_output]As mentioned, adult colouring books are now a huge market but why is this the case? Why do we enjoy colouring so much and why did it just take off all of a sudden? In truth, adult colouring has always been around but we just didn’t notice it. In fact, the well-known psychologist Carl Jung used to prescribe colouring to his patients as part of therapy. Because colouring can be so relaxing and therapeutic, he used to tell patients to sit down for a certain amount of time each week or day and simply colour.[/text_output][text_output]Furthermore, research also shows that colouring allows us to completely switch off from everything except what is on the page in front of us. At times, life can be too stressful to handle but with some time set aside for colouring, we are allowing our brains some time off. The fact that we have to stay between the lines can also increase our focus which can be translated into our personal lives or even career; colouring is teaching yourself to be focused whilst relaxing at the same time.[/text_output]
[text_output]Finally, colouring on a page also connects two pieces of your brain and improves them dramatically; these are your vision and fine motor skills. Just like crossword puzzles, we have to concentrate on what is on the page and we also have to use our fine motor skills to keep between the lines. This mix will strengthen these areas if you were to colour for a specific amount of time each day; suddenly, you will find that you are able to push thread through a needle and other small tasks that you couldn’t do before.[/text_output]
[text_output]So there we have it, an explanation for why colouring books are so popular and if you are looking for one to get you started, Secret Garden by Johanna Basford is one of the most popular and for good reason!