Pokemon Go Review

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[text_output]For nineties kids and everyone who has joined in on the Pokemon scene along the way, the release of the Pokemon GO app has been eagerly anticipated. In it’s first five days alone, Pokemon GO was downloaded millions of times and received over 50,000 reviews with the average rating sitting close enough to the full five stars. For those of you that are unaware or simply want to learn more, let’s take a look at the app in more detail.[/text_output]
[text_output]Stripped down to its basics, Pokemon GO is a game full of discovery and strategy. The aim of the new app has been to break down the barriers between fantasy and real life by introducing different Pokemon all around your local area. If you download the app onto your device, you will be shown a map showing where you are and then where the nearby Pokemon are; as you walk through your neighbourhood, you have the opportunity to come across different Pokemon and catch them. Using your camera, the Pokemon will be shown on your screen and you can then throw a Poke Ball to catch.[/text_output]

Furthermore, the makers of this app, Niantic Inc, have also added a whole host of different extras. Firstly, the different types of Pokemon will appear in their natural habitat; for example, water-type Pokemon will appear near lakes, rivers, and maybe even ponds (if they are recognised). Secondly, PokeStops can be found at interesting locations like museums, landmarks and more, where the user can stock up on important items. Thirdly, dotted around your city will be Gyms where you can battle, assuming you have reached a high enough level. As you can see, the app boasts much of what the original game had to offer and even allows players to level up, catch many of the same Pokemon to evolve them, and more.


[text_output] It is important to note that there has been a few issues including someone’s house accidentally turning into a gym where, as a result, many people turned up at the same time. Also, there has been some reliability issues and a concern over the welfare of users but this comes down to the player themselves. Of course, developers have urged players to be sensible when on the app. However, the app has only been on the store for a little while and will keep on getting updates to improve performance over the coming weeks and months.[/text_output]

Ultimately, Pokemon GO has provided Pokemon lovers with an opportunity to combine fantasy and real life. One of the positive side-effects of this app has been the increase in exercise for adults and children alike; children want to leave the house to discover their neighbourhood and this can only be a good thing as far as reducing childhood obesity goes.

Pokemon GO is currently available for free in the App Store and has been optimised for smartphones as opposed to tablets but this could change in the future. You can download Pokemon GO from the iOS app store here.



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