Music Paradise Pro

Over the years, there are certain apps that catch the attention of the whole world and see huge success as a result. Fruit Ninja, WhatsApp, and Pokemon Go are just three names that are common place thanks to the relevant app stores. However, there are sometimes also apps that are extremely popular but simply do not stand the test of time. One of the biggest examples of this can be found with the free Android App – Music Paradise Pro, although it wasn’t time that eventually ended their app, they have been forced out of business and do not operate in the market any longer.

What Happened To Music Paradise Pro?

Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro was a free Android search engine for music and it basically helped users to find music that was royalty free as well as different sound effects and ringtones. It very quickly gained popularity all around the world and soon, everyone was able to download their favourite music and have it on their Android device. However, the developing company soon ran into problems. Music Paradise was linked to Grooveshark who were forced to close down due to a lawsuit; after the news came, Grooveshark packed up and stopped all business. In fact, all databases were deleted meaning that no-one could access their app, their website, or anything relating to the company.

Even now, months later, some people still do not know what happened to Music Paradise Pro but here is the truth. If you deleted the app to make room and then went to go looking for it again, this is why you didn’t find it and this is why you haven’t been able to find it since. Although there have been attempts to copy Music Paradise Pro, most have been shut down very quickly or are simply not as good as the original.

Why Was Music Paradise Pro So Popular?

If you type the name of the app into a search engine, you will see a number of results coming from forums and message boards with people confused as to where Music Paradise Pro has gone or looking for links to find it. The reason for this is because it was so popular; let’s take a look at the main features that it offered its users:

  • Users were able to search, download and listen to the creative common license and copyleft music for no fee whatsoever. Not only could music be downloaded and put onto devices, it could also be edited for people making videos or even if you just wanted to cut it down to an appropriately-sized ringtone. Furthermore, all songs could be previewed before downloading to save from disappointment.
  • The app was extremely helpful in that there was a music player built-in which allowed users to create lists of their favourite music. Also, in the search bar, as soon as letters were typed in it would offer suggestions as to what you were going for. Furthermore, it could also connect to your Wi-Fi as well as a whole host of other features that made the app simple and easy-to-use.
  • Downloads could be completed in the background and multiple sounds could be downloaded at once meaning that the user could set off a list of music to download before then going off to do something else. All downloads were also tracked to prevent the same file being downloaded twice.

In summary, it was a popular music downloader app that boasted numerous features that weren’t just ‘extras’ but were actually pivotal to the function of the app. Some of the features included didn’t have to be there but the developers clearly wanted an app that could do everything.

Ultimately, a lawsuit is serious business and all good things have to come to an end. For this reason, you will no longer find Music Paradise Pro anywhere on the internet no matter how many people there are asking where it is