In recent years, has been making waves throughout the music industry and many users now take advantage of the ability to download free music online. However, it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, actually launched way back in 2002 in the UK and offered a system called ‘Audioscrobbler’ to randomise recommendations.

Last fm

With an easy-to-use site, users will find a great database of free music that can be downloaded from any location. Perhaps the most important fact of all, many record labels are in support of including Sony BMG, EMI, Warner, and Universal Music Group. As a result, over three and a half million tracks are available with everything from rock to jazz, rap to yodelling. Without a profile, these can be viewed using a flash-based interface. However, the full benefit can be seen once you create a profile as this allows for playlists, ratings, and an improved service.

In 2007, the site was bought by CBS Interactive for $280 million and the site then went from strength to strength. For many years, the site even offered a streaming service for radio but this has since been discontinued as of April 2014. Despite this, has become a diamond in the rough and now boasts millions of users worldwide.

For users who use the site regularly, there is even a desktop client that can be downloaded to listen to music even when the site isn’t open. As long as you have a compatible player such as Windows Media Player or iTunes, you will be able to play music and create searches. Because the record labels are supportive of the site, they are paid royalties which the site earns in three major ways. Firstly, they accept donations although this is the lowest generator for them. Secondly, they advertise on the site but this isn’t too intrusive for the user and they can be bypassed by using the desktop client. Finally, they run a subscription service where, for around a couple of dollars a month, you can receive a number of perks.

With so many worries about illegal downloading and who is watching your activity nowadays, provides a fantastic solution with a whole host of tracks that are free to download. Perhaps the most fun of all on this site, you get to discover new artists and find tracks that you otherwise wouldn’t have done.

Overall, is a superb addition to the music and technology industry and you can make the most of it today. If you enjoy music and are fed up of apps being removed from the store and constantly looking for new sources, then is a good music downloader site for you. If you find it particularly useful, you can then go ahead and download the client before also considering the subscription service.