Laser Tag Guns

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[text_output]For some time, laser tag has been a popular activity all around the world because it allows for exercise, tactics, and just a lot of fun in general. If you have never seen the guns in action before, they are essentially like huge TV remotes that use lasers in order to hit specific targets. Normally, the gun will have a laser that is used to hit the target on an opponent’s vest.

At the beginning, these guns were used for simple free-for-all type events or team-based games but we now have access to numerous games from ‘Domination’ to ‘Capture-the-Flag’. For this reason, we have seen the development of the guns themselves and they now perform better than ever before as well as boasting different attachments and gadgets. [/text_output]

[text_output]Not only are laser tag guns now more accurate and reliable, they also hold features like instant scoring, full colour display, various different weapon simulations, radio hit feedback, various settings, force feedback vibration, and different sights. The weapons used in this activity have become so advanced that they are now used for training and various exercises in armies all around the world. Furthermore, companies are also offering muzzle flash units, infrared sights if you happen to be playing outdoors, and even a choice of barrels when buying a laser tag gun. [/text_output][image src=”1769″ alt=”Laser Tag Equipment” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”aligncenter” style=””]
[text_output]Whilst laser guns used to be all quite similar, they are now unique from one another and players can find different models. With these models, they shoot at their own pace, have their own amount of ammunition, and even fire in the same way as the real thing. It’s fair to say that we have reached a level of realism in laser tag that didn’t seem possible and it has made the whole activity a lot more enjoyable. With everybody relying on their own equipment, it becomes a game of skill and getting to know your particular gun as opposed to picking up a random device at the location. Many of the attachments and sights even make outdoor laser tag possible which wasn’t as easily done before because the guns weren’t too reliable and the sights weren’t as good![/text_output]