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[text_output]Sometimes, when life gets hard, we just need to spend a few moments away from reality and look at things that will amaze or simply make us laugh. Despite the internet being a hub of negativity at times, it can also provide the much-needed laugh and that was the aim for the creators of ‘I Waste So Much Time’ (IWSMT) – IWasteSoMuchTime.com.[/text_output][image src=”1339″ alt=”IWasteSoMuchTime” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]
[text_output]Currently, the website, IWasteSoMuchTime, is run by two friends from Seattle, US, and they aim to post anything interesting or amusing that they spot throughout the day. Furthermore, as the site has grown, they have introduced submissions that can be sent in by absolutely anybody. Users can search the site for new posts, top videos, top images, as well as a section named ‘What The What?’ which shows unbelievable posts whether it is amazing or just someone being silly. However, one of the best features on the site is definitely the ‘random’ button which shows a list of completely randomised posts. If you are ever having a bad day, just click on the random button and you will be shown a list of posts that you won’t have seen before (unless you spend days on end looking through every single post in their five year existence!).[/text_output]
[text_output]In addition to all the features, there is also a busy comments section that can sometimes be more entertaining to read that the actual post itself. Generally, all visitors to IWSMT are light-hearted and want to have some fun so the laughs often spill down into the comments making it a great way to interact with people. This could just be the best website on the internet for improving a poor mood and if it isn’t the best, we would like to see the site that beats it![/text_output]