Geocaching App

[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”” style=””]Geocaching [/custom_headline][text_output]In the summer, we’re constantly looking for fun things to do to keep us occupied until we have to return to work. However, sometimes days out can be expensive and taking the kids to the park can get boring so why not introduce Geocaching?[/text_output]
[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”mtn” style=””]What is Geocaching? [/custom_headline][text_output]For those of you that have never heard of Geocaching and are wondering “what is geocaching?” Basically it’s a real life treasure hunt app available in the Andriod Google Play and iOS App Store. It uses GPS and a geocache map to show hidden locations via their coordinates. This activity/game is basically a free real-world treasure hunt with millions cleverly hidden geocache containers scattered throughout more than 185 countries.[/text_output]
[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”mtn” style=””]Geocaching App Review [/custom_headline][text_output]Ultimately, the  location will hide a container that holds a gift for the person who finds it, who then puts in a new gift for the next person who comes along thus creating a never-ending treasure hunt. The Geocaching app is there to make the whole experience that little bit easier by providing the location of each container and including a logbook for the user to update which locations they have discovered.

The geocache app itself is constantly undergoing transformation work and is growing stronger by the day; since being introduced in 2013, the whole idea took a little while to get going but has now reached thousands of people. In fact, the App Store shows over 11,000 reviews with a rating of over 4.5 stars, and millions of downloads. Now, the app for geocaching is sleek, easy-to-use, and makes Geocaching simple and enjoyable. Furthermore, the geocaching app is free although the free version does limit the experience that Premium offers. With Premium, users get to access absolutely every geocache in the world and use various tools to filter the available geocaches.[/text_output]

[text_output]The whole Geocache network works together to provide you with the ultimate experience; the app and the website are both updated alongside one another meaning that if you update one, the other will update too as long as your account is connected to both. In addition to this, conversations can also be started on one platform and continued on another allowing for the perfect experience. When the app was first released, you would have to write down or note where geocaches were but the introduction of Live Search meant that users can now constantly check where the nearest geocaches are on the map whilst on the move.[/text_output]

Finally, there are a vast amount of tools that just top off the experience, like the ability to take photos of geocache containers and send them to geocache owners, setting waypoints to act like a satnav, and even leaving a new challenge for future geocachers. The downside is that it can be a little expensive but this can be outweighed by the enjoyment it brings. If this sounds like fun and you want introduce a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable Sunday day out, this could be the solution. You can download the free app from the Apple iOS App Store here.