Garmin Approach S6 Review

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Technology is constantly on the move and sports such as golf are now really starting to see the benefit. Many years ago, golfers had nothing to rely on except their own intuition and knowledge of the course. These days, times are changing and the products available for avid golf players are becoming more varied and more technologically advanced. One of the main examples of this is the new Garmin product; the Approach S6.

[/text_output][text_output]The Garmin Approach S6 GPS watch is changing the way that we play golf and has been quoted as one of (if not the) best sports watches on the market and who are we to disagree? The S6 offers overhead maps of all the holes on the course as well as touchscreen so the user can really zoom in and calculate their next shot; what’s more, all this information is easily kept on the wrist. Not only is the S6 useful, it is extremely clever in calculating where your shot is predicted to land. After purchasing the product, you have the option to input your typical drive distance which means that when you step up to tee, this nifty little device will show you what the fairway looks like near your typical landing spot; this allows you to choose exactly where you want to ball to land. Whether you actually get it there or not is completely up to you![/text_output]

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Furthermore, the Garmin Approach S6 golf gps will also calculate and keep track of your scoring in addition to your statistics which allows for a well-rounded evaluation of your game. Also, once this information has been stored the user can sync up with a Garmin Connect account which shows averages of all the important details of one’s golf game. If that isn’t enough, it also boasts a shot measuring device, an odometer, bluetooth capabilities meaning that it can be paired with your mobile phone, and even a ‘Pin Pointer’ which shows exactly where the pin is situated for blind shots. Not only does the Approach S6 tell you about your game but it is also a useful tool if you are trying to improve as the ‘SwingStrength’ feature tells you how strong your swing is as well as the tempo before explaining ways to maximise your swing. If you can maximise your swing, you may just become the best player in your group.


In the interest of being completely fair, we should state that the price tag puts off a lot of beginners and can only really attract those who are serious about their golfing game. Also there are some improvements that need to be made, especially to the touchscreen. However, with everything we have explained previously these two drawbacks seem a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of positives. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Approach S6 main features;


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Scoring – With the Garmin S6 golf watch, you can keep track of your scoring throughout the round so you can see exactly how you are performing compared to previous visits. Although you cannot score everybody’s course, you can choose between standard stroke play and Stableford. In addition to this, you can include a handicap either though a preset number or through a calculation that takes into account your handicap index and the sloping of the course. If you do choose to activate the handicap scoring, you will be told how many shots you have on each hole so your performance can be truly monitored thus leading the way for improvement.

 Shot Tracking – One of the best features that the S6 offers is the ability to measure the distances of your shots; this has been a much-wanted device by golf players all around the world for quite some time now. Even if you toggle through the different available screens, it will still calculate the distance of your shots. There isn’t currently an option to save this information but as long as you know your farthest ever drive, you will soon be aware once you have beaten it. Finally, the distance will reset either automatically or manually when you start a new hole. You cannot turn off the ‘auto-advance’ feature that moves on to the next hole but you can manually move back and forth.

 Performance Evaluation – Another key feature for the Approach S6 is that you can save your rounds; although you cannot see the scorecard on the watch itself, you can view it if you connect the watch to the Gamin Connect mobile app. If you have the app or webpage open, you can then view all sorts of data on your performance as a whole as well as on individual holes; you can see how many fairways you hit, which direction you went off course most, your putting average, the GIR %, and more. Finally, we have all imagined what score we would have if we added up all our best holes from every single round. Now, this is something you can do via the ‘dream’ feature; all your best holes will be stored on a course. For example, if you hit a birdie for the first time on hole 10, your ‘dream’ round will be updated to include this.

 Swing Training – The final major feature we will go through is the training the S6 offers; TempoTraining and SwingStrength. Most professionals use a 3:1 ratio from backswing to downswing so this formula is utilised to see just how close you are getting. Of course, the total duration of your swing may differ but the ratio is normally always held. The SwingStrength feature allows you to record a perfect swing, then once this is set all future swings will be compared to that one. Both of these features allow users to analyse their play and therefore, improve their performance each time.

[/text_output][custom_headline type=”center” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”mtn” style=””]Garmin Approach Comparison[/custom_headline][text_output]The following is a key feature comparison of the Garmin Approach Golf Watch Series. That is the Garmin Approach S6 compared to the Approach S5, S4, S3 and the Approach S2.[/text_output][image src=”1071″ alt=”Garmin Approach Comparison Chart” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][custom_headline type=”center” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”mtn” style=””]The Verdict On The Approach S6[/custom_headline]


By using GPS, Garmin has ensured that the S6 is accurate and tests show that there is a no more than five yard swing. The cost is a factor to consider but it does seem to be the best watch of its kind on the market; as long as it gets used regularly, it is a good investment. The Garmin Approach S6 has some completely unique features that puts it above its competition and if you want to monitor, analyse and improve your performance whilst receiving help on the course, this is the watch for you.


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[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”mtn” style=””]Garmin Approach S6 Rating[/custom_headline][text_output]All things consider, the Garmin Approach S6 golf watch is probably the best of it’s kind on the market. Which is why we’ve given it a rating of 92 out of 100.[/text_output][skill_bar heading=”” percent=”92%” bar_text=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][custom_headline type=”center” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”true” id=”” class=”mtn” style=””]Garmin Approach S6 Price & Where To Buy?[/custom_headline][text_output]The cheapest place to buy the Garmin Approach S6 is on Amazon style=, where the Approach S6 is available for sale. This is the one of the Garmin Approach S6 cheapest and best price online, and is sold by the official Garmin Amazon store. The site also includes awesome extra options. You can purchase the Garmin Approach S6 Bundle which includes a case, and wall & car charge adapters for a little more. Considering Amazon’s super fast next day delivery, it’s certainly the best place to buy your new golf GPS watch.[/text_output]