Extra Torrent

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Extra Torrent is an online sharing client that allows users to download films, TV programmes, music, and more, from a number of different sources. As with every torrent site, there are a number of files that aren’t of the best quality but once you get used to assessing each file, you will soon realise which will lead to an enjoyable watching or listening experience and which ones won’t.


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[text_output]Extra Torrent is one of the many options available to people wanting a client of this type but it has been widely regarded as the largest collection of files anywhere as it is full of not just new songs and films but also older files which allows users to collect somewhat of a back catalogue. However, it is important to note that torrent sites aren’t like YouTube in that you can’t just type the address in the search bar and start watching some movie clips, you have to prepare your computer or laptop in the right way.[/text_output]

Firstly, you have to download BitTorrent as this is the client that will allow you to access all the files that are held in the appropriate directories. Once you have this set up and have adjusted all the setting to personalise your experience, you are all set to go. Start by typing in the extra torrent web address into your chosen browser (this will probably require restricting your firewall so it doesn’t block the site) and once the page has loaded you can search whatever it is you are looking for. You will be shown a list of results and you have the opportunity to choose before clicking ‘Download Torrent’. Within a few moments, your chosen file will be sent to the folder you selected in your settings for the client.


A good tip when downloading files is to always look at the amount of ‘seeders’ as this shows you just how many people have previously downloaded the selected file; furthermore, you can also check the comments as they will tell you if the file is any good or not.



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