The Best Beer Drinking App

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[text_output]Over the years, mobile phones have grown more intelligent and we are starting to see the results of that with the many apps available. Back in the day, apps were used for calculators, alarm clocks, and every other useful device to save time and space. However, there is now an app for nearly everything in the world and one of the most enjoyable in recent times have been beer drinking apps.[/text_output]
[text_output]When you type this into the App Store, you will see many different results but we believe iBeer by Hottrix to be among the very best. Once voted ‘Best of iTunes’ and now downloaded over 90 million times, the iBeer app allows you to play a visual trick on your friends by feigning to drink beer whenever you feel like it. Behaving like a regular glass of beer, the drink will move as you move your phone and disappear as you tilt the device towards your mouth.[/text_output][image src=”2116″ alt=”Beer Drinking App” href=”” title=”” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”aligncenter” style=””]
[text_output]If you’re reading this so far and wondering where it can go from here, be prepared to be surprised because you can even connect with friends for drink sharing, photo sharing, and live voice chat on the beer app. Once connected, you can drink with pals, shake the beer to create foam, and even pour beer from one phone to another.

As a bonus, you can switch off the ads on this app to change the liquid in your phone. After a while, you might get a little bored with beer so you can then change it to hot coffee, mouthwash, and other varieties of beer. Additionally, spending a little extra money will allow you to add vodka, champagne, soda, milk, wine, and even just simple water.

In recent times, we have seen this app appear in a number of YouTube videos, newspaper ads, and even on the TV and you could have your very own on your mobile device. After downloading, you will have an opportunity to select your own background or use the trick screens that are included. Even today, the developers are working hard to bring more uses to the app and the recent update improved the steam in the coffee, improved the movements of the beer, and even fixed the ‘breaking screen gag’.[/text_output]

[text_output]Due to the details that are included in the app, you must be at least 17 years old to download the pretend beer drinking app but you will find it in Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Catalan, Arabic, Portuguese, and of course, English. Currently, the app has around 6,000 reviews with an average of well over 4.5 stars and this looks to be increasing all the time.

Whilst there are other options available, iBeer seems to offer the most inclusive experience of them all and you will be guaranteed hours of fun and tricks with just a simple download.[/text_output]