50 Shades of Grey’s Contract Scene and PDF

With the release of the 50 Shades of Grey Movie in 2015, it’s fair to say ‘Sex contracts’ are now no longer limited to BDSM crowds. Ever since the 50 Shades of Grey book was released by E. L. James in 2011, many couple have been looking to create and use sexual contracts to heat things up in the bedroom. With good reason too. I think we all know a little bit of variety in the bedroom is a key to a healthy and happy sexual relationship. So in this article we’ll take a look the 50 Shades of Grey Contract Scene from the movie and then provide an online PDF download to the complete contract used in the 50 Shade of Grey book. Allowing you to incorporate a little dominatrix (dominate and submissive) role playing into your love life.

Contract Negotiation Scene

Christian Grey’s Contract – PDF

50 Shades of Grey Contract PDF

You can download the complete 50 Shades of Grey Contract PDF used in the negotiation scene and from the book via the below.