4Shared Music App

There are lots of MP3 music platforms on the internet and in the appropriate app stores but their success depends mainly on the amount of users and the amount of files shared; for this reason, they cannot necessarily push themselves to success aside from marketing their services well. However, one platform that has attracted the masses and therefore has over 30 million files to share with its users is ‘4Shared’.


4Shared is a file sharing app where users can manage, access, and share any number of files whether it is photos, documents, or even music; the app has attracted hordes of users because it is simple, quick, and effective. Users have the opportunity to download or upload multiple files from their Android device meaning that users can download MP3 music wherever and whenever.

The simple search tool allows you to look for any file you want or need and in this case, either an artist or song title in order to find your favourite music. If the file is in the huge database, you will have the option to download it. If you can’t find it at the first attempt, you have the option to refine your search and if you still can’t find it you could find it elsewhere and add it to the database for others to enjoy. Furthermore, the app also allows you to organise your files with options to move, rename, copy, delete, and more.