Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4Are you familiar with the super popular Samsung Galaxy S III? If so, then you will instantly recognize the S4. Looking at it from a distance, you will not really notice a difference, however the S4 packs a bigger, high resolution display and is actually much thinner than the S III. It’s much faster, has a longer battery life, and better camera. In addition, it also has interesting new features, which include touch-free capabilities. All you have to do to use your phone is hover your finger over it. Think about all the winters where you were wearing gloves and had to take them off to answer your phone. The touch-free feature comes in handy for such occasions.  Also unlike some other smart phones, the GS4 has a removable battery, and expanded storage.

Per Engadget the Samsung Galaxy 4 is “the best Samsung handset we’ve used to date,” and “if you are considering a move from an older Samsung device, the GS 4 is absolutely the handset you want”. Gizmodo agrees calling the phone “one of the best phones you can buy”. A lot of critics think Samsung could have pushed it a little more. TechCrunch indicated that the “can’t say the GS4 is revolutionary by any means. It’s thin and light, just as it should be, and looks pretty meh”.  Even Engadget admitted “we’d love to see Samsung come up with a fresh design and premium look”. The HTC One remains the current favorite Android phone. Gizmodo even went so far as to mention that “had Samsung poured all of its innovation into maximizing the practical user experience, instead of highly ignorable gimmicks, it might have taken the crown.”

Review of the Sea of Spa cosmetics Google play software

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note3The new Note 3 takes on many of the popular features found in the updated Samsung Galaxy S4. One of the most noticeable updates is the larger display, although the device is still about the size of the Note II. The S Pen has also been modified slightly to improve functionality. Despite these refined changes, the Note 3 is still criticized for having a generic look that compares to the Galaxy S4. Others debate the simple look is slim an elegant, making it a very sophisticated device. People either love or hate the faux leather look on the back of the phone.

What seems to keep everyone interested is the way Samsung managed to add a larger display while keeping the Note 3 around the same size as previous versions. Gizmodo, for example, can’t get enough of the display change, calling it “nice and sharp.” This makes it ideal for photo sharing. A clear 13 megapixel camera makes for fantastic photos perfect for sharing.

More praise comes from the improved S Pen, which may require a bit of time to fully learn. This is time well spent as the device is capable of many cutting-edge functions with the help of the S Pen. Handwriting transcribing, for example, has greatly improved with the Note 3.

Every enhancement the Note 3 has made has been created to enhance productivity and allow people to get the most out of their device while they are on the go. Battery life is still one of the strongest selling points for the Note 3. During testing, many said the battery had no trouble lasting throughout the day, with some testers still having half a battery after the day of use. These strong features are what help the Galaxy Note 3 stay at the top of the “phablet” category and make the device so appealing as a pocket-sized productivity tool.

Nokia Lumia 920 review

Nokia Lumia 920During your Nokia Lumia 920 review, you will find an abundance of cutting-edge features unavailable on many other smartphones. Some of the most notable include wireless charging, a bright high-resolution 4.5-inch display perfect for outdoor viewing, a touchscreen that works should you be wearing gloves, a low-light camera with true optical image stabilization, and more. Also of note is the fast processor, large internal storage space, a good battery life, and an all-around great performance ability for AT&T’s 4G LTE data network. Using Windows Phone 8, the smartphone takes advantage of the improvements in Microsoft’s OS, such as a customizable screen, parental controls, and a new version of Internet Explorer.

Nokia also provides its own navigation and transportation apps. While there are less apps available on the Windows OS than iOS or Android, apps are still being added every day. One of the biggest advantages of the phone is the price, which is only $99 with a two-year AT&T contract. As a comparison, that’s about half the cost of a Samsung Galaxy S III or Apple iPhone 5 with the same contract. The only disadvantage of the phone is the high weight. At 6.5 ounces, it is one of the heaviest smartphones on the market, and is even larger than the Samsung Note II. Despite the weight issue, the Lumina 920 is still one of the top Windows phones available. Should the weight still be an issue, the HTC 8X offers some of the same features with a slightly older OS and smaller display, yet it only weighs 4.6 ounces.

Apple iPhone 4s Review

iphone 4S So, you are thinking about getting a new phone? Great idea, as long as you get the correct phone for your needs. We suggest the Apple iPhone 4s. There are many reason why the Apple iPhone 4s is a great phone and why cell phone users are going to love it.
The GB’s can vary but most are 8 to 16GB phones. That means the phone will run at quick speed and not slow you down. This is a smartphone so you can do everything you want to do on the go. You can go to facebook,make calls, check your email, go on the web and surf ebay, foursquare and so much more.The Apple iPhone 4s comes in white or black. As you read an Apple iPhone 4s review you will see that iPhone users tell you all about the things they like and dislike most. The dislikes are more on the personal side, such as, this phone gets lost in my purse or I wish the phone was bigger. Most of these dislikes have nothing to do with the high quality of the phone. So, what are some of the good things people are saying in a Apple iPhone 4s review?
Well, you can get an anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint protector for the phone and a wide selection of accessories. The phone has a very powerful chip (called an A5) which allows fast graphics and makes switching between apps easier. It is good for gaming and more. Also the camera is high quality and takes both stills and video.
Another feature that is three cuts above awesome is you have Siri. Now, think of Siri like a personal assistant who is just sitting at her virtual desk, by her virtual internet drinking her virtual coffee until you call her and ask her to do something for you. She answers and says: “What can I help you with?” and you say: “call home” and she connects you. There are other tasks she Siri can do too. Siri can find you a place to eat or a file on your phone. This feature is just super useful and fun too.

Now that you have read this Apple iPhone 4s review, the next step is to get yourself and your family the Apple iPhone 4s. You are going to love this phone and all the amazing things you can do with it. Try it for yourself and you will see.

Review of the HTC One smartphone

Smart phones are becoming incredibly popular and more powerful than they ever were before. The smart phone market is also highly competitive and only a few stand out as a worthy investment. One of these is the HTC One. Many users of the device claim that this is the best smartphone on the market and often come away impressed by its performance. In this article we will take a look at the phone and will outline what makes it so special.
One of the things that makes the HTC One stand out is the attention to detail that has gone into the design of the device, from the Unibody Aluminum casing to the high quality 4.7- inch 1080p screen. The device also comes with a set of stereo speaker grills which sound good. The internal design of the phone is also nice to use, from good layouts in the user interface, to well chosen fonts that are easy to read and use when sending texts and writing memos.

One feature that makes the HTC One stand out is the Blink feed feature. This turns the home screen into a stream of images and updates that are displayed in a tiled effect. This is useful, especially if one wants to quickly glance at the updates on networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Other features include a camera that takes great images, with an added level of performance in low light situations. The camera also lets you shoot short movies and has a multi-shot feature that lets you shoot up to 20 stills in quick succession. The HTC One s a great phone with a selection of unique features and should definitely be considered when deciding which smartphone to buy.